Dear Fellow Doctor,

I am a retired physician who practiced internal medicine for 10 years, witnessing firsthand other doctors’ dedication and passion. I have seen the sacrifices doctors make to benefit their patients. It is impossible to understand the great responsibility and pressure doctors face unless you have been on the provider side of healthcare—and most financial advisors have not.

Doctors prioritize their responsibility to their patients. Unfortunately, this can lead to unintentional neglect of your individual or family needs. While you focus on your patients, no one is focusing on you.

You work all day with integrity and character. But in the back of your mind are questions about your own wellbeing:

• How will I achieve my financial goals?
• Will I reach retirement?
• Can I fund my kids’ educational expenses?
• Will anyone remember me when I’m gone?

You are smart enough to solve all these problems. But who has the time? You are busy enough with the daily pressure of patient care.

What if you knew your financial plan was on track? Imagine how confident you would feel! Fifteen years ago, I left the practice of medicine so I could give fellow doctors that confidence. Now I work every day to assist other doctors in achieving financial freedom. My life passion is to help you.

Financial freedom will holistically improve your life. You will find more joy in caring for your patients. Every day you will remember why you became a doctor: to relieve suffering and practically help people.

I want to help you impact the world. As a wealth strategist, if I perform my job well then you should become financially free—free to invest your efforts into others. And free to use your financial resources to endow your community with your cherished values. What better legacy of a well-lived life could there be?

Improving the lives of doctors and their families leads to better healthcare delivery. Moreover, it promotes doctors’ value systems to their communities. Combined, these will make our world a better place. This is why I am as passionate about my doctor clients’ wealthcare as they are about their patients’ healthcare.

Your patients trust you as the healthcare expert. I want to be your trusted wealthcare expert.

Jason Dyken, M.D., M.B.A.