Thoughts On Thursday... Eye On Money: New Issue

Thoughts On Thursday... Eye On Money: New Issue

| December 14, 2018

This is a very exciting issue of Eye On Money...especially with the dreaded tax season coming up right around the corner! 

We invite you to check out the new issue of Eye On Money! Inside are articles on:


Giving smarter. This article explores ways to make the most of your charitable contributions.


Why knowing your net worth is important. Plus, we’ll show you how to calculate it.


How to save more money this year. These tips can help you save more money, cut your expenses, and make smart choices about the types of accounts you use.


The child tax credit. This tax credit has been revamped and can now be claimed by many higher-income families with young children. Here are a few things to know about it.


Also in this issue, you can check out the differences between Treasury bonds, notes, and bills, learn how to improve your credit score, and make a note of key financial dates for the first few months of 2019. Plus, you can decide whether to add St Anton and the rest of Austria’s Arlberg Ski Region to your skiing bucket list, learn which national parks shine in winter, and test your knowledge of best-selling novels.


Please let us know if you have questions about anything in Eye On Money.

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