Facts on Friday - Happy National _____ Day!

Facts on Friday - Happy National _____ Day!

| September 06, 2019

Do you know what holidays are celebrated today?

National Food Bank Day - Did you make your donation?

National Lazy Mom's Day - Uhh...yeah right! There is no way that exists.

National Coffee Ice Cream Day - Sounds like a good dessert choice tonight!

National Read A Book Day - We have several book options to help you fulfill this - go here and sign up for a copy of Get It Right!

But most importantly...at least in our world...today is National 401(k) Day

Retirement is the time in one’s life when, ideally, you reap the fruits of years of labor and relax in the shade of your nest egg. National 401(k) day, every September 6, encourages sponsors to offer information and communication about ways to save for retirement.  But for more than 30 million Americans, the dream of retirement may be just that — a dream.

Changes in technology mean that following our parents (or grandparents’) example of sticking with one employer for twenty years or more to get a gold watch as a reward for those years of service is a relic of the past.  Now more than ever before, it’s critical to have  a viable plan for your post-work years — including a strong 401 (k)plan.

Fun Facts About 401(k)s:

1. As of March 31, 2019, 401(k) plans hold $5.7 trillion in assets

2. Ted Benna is considered the "Father of the 401(k)"

3. 401(k)s have replaced pension plans as the predominant vehicle for retirement savings

If you have any questions about 401(k) plans, do not hesitate to call our office! Have a wonderful weekend!