Eye On Money - *New Issue*

Eye On Money - *New Issue*

| June 18, 2020

We invite you to check out the new issue of Eye On Money! Inside are articles on:


How to save for retirement when you don’t have a retirement plan at work. No retirement plan at work? No problem. These tips can help you open your own accounts and begin saving in no time flat.


5 things to know about donor-advised funds. A donor-advised fund can be a simple, tax-efficient way to manage your charitable giving. Here are five things to know about it.


Navigating volatility in the stock market. These tips can help you weather turbulent periods in the stock market.


Highlights of the CARES Act. Learn­ how the CARES Act provides financial relief to retirees and retirement savers and increases the tax incentives for making charitable contributions.


Also in this issue, you can check out articles on tax credits for improving your home’s energy efficiency, stock fund categories, and where to look for missing money and other assets. Plus, you can vicariously visit the capital of British Columbia, decide which new museums you’d like to visit, and take a quiz about bestselling novels.


Please let us know if you have questions about anything in Eye On Money.

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