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In Dr. Jason Dyken's new bestseller, GET IT RIGHT!, you'll see how you can avoid the 5 common mistakes that doctors make: 

  • Ignoring the impact of taxes
  • Trying to beat the stock market
  • Leaving assets unprotected
  • Missing the big picture
  • Converting assets to income effectively
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Doctor to Doctor

When you make doctor’s lives better you positively impact the way they take care of patients. Those that have never been on the provider side of healthcare do not understand the great responsibility and pressure that doctor’s face. As a retired doctor, I understand.  That is why I am as passionate about my doctor clients’ wealthcare as they are about their patients’ healthcare.



Why Us?

Core Values

At Dyken Wealth Strategies, we have five core values that form the framework for all of our decisions, interactions and activities.

1. Client First.  

2. Family.  

3. Make a Difference.  

4. Do What We Say.  

5. All in.

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The DWS Difference

As a firm focusing exclusively on the financial life planning needs of healthcare professionals, we’re proud of our proprietary approach.  The CURE. It’s an acronym that describes our process for the four cornerstones of planning. 


DWS Difference

Are You Financially Healthy?

 See how you rate and how planning for doctors is different.

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We Understand Doctors

As a healthcare professional, there’s no such thing as routine. You’ve got to remain alert and assured, come what may. As in healthcare, financial care involves having a 360-degree view of the subject matter, but attending to details with precision and grace. As in healthcare, the end goal is comfort, stability, and growth.

You should expect no less of your financial advocate.

With over 25 years of experience working with doctors, 10 of those as a fellow colleague practicing internal medicine and 15 years as a consultant helping doctors make the right decisions about money, Dr. Jason Dyken understands doctors.

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